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Live near Boston? Don’t miss the Cambridge Science Festival!

The Festival is more than a full week of activities to bring science to the general public, being held throughout the city of Cambridge. We’ll be there – will you? Continue reading


General Relativity, Solar Weather, and Spiral Arms

Take a look at three different papers written by graduate students on distant galaxies, waves on the Sun, and mapping the Milky Way. Continue reading

Prospecting for C IV at high redshifts

As the light from these distant objects propagates towards us, it encounters metals in the intervening IGM that superimpose absorption lines on the quasar’s spectra. By looking for metal absorption lines in the spectra of high redshifts quasars, we can learn about the metal content of the IGM. This paper by Simcoe et al. considers the spectra of 7 quasars with redshifts greater than 5.5. The moderate-resolution, near-infrared spectra were obtained over the past year with the FIRE spectrograph. Continue reading

New Glossary: Guide to Major Telescopes

Check out our newest glossary describing the ground-based and space-based observatories used by astronomers. Continue reading

Could Rings Exist Around Kepler “Warm Saturns”?

Given the possibility that extrasolar planetary rings could be discovered in the Kepler data, this paper investigates what types of ring systems could physically exist around planets with semi-major axes of 1 AU or less. Could rings exist so close to the host star? How might these ring systems look like ones in our own solar system? How would the rings be different? What could a ring detection tell us about the exoplanet? Continue reading

Simulating Massive Black Hole Seed Formation

What is the connection between galaxy mass and supermassive black hole occupation? Continue reading

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