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Calling all undergraduate research!

We post about the most recent research in astrophysics — but in doing so, we rarely get to feature any work done by undergrads. Here’s your chance to help us fix this! Continue reading


A Ring at the Center of our Galaxy

A beautiful structure at the center of our galaxy shows off Hershel’s abilities. Continue reading

SS433: The Extragalactic Version?

The recent discovery of a radio transient in the nucleus of the galaxy M82 has left scientists guessing as to what it might be. In this paper the authors examine the possibility that it’s a microquasar just like SS433 — but located outside of our galaxy! Continue reading

How rare is extraterrestrial life, exactly?

In this paper, the authors attempt to use Bayesian statistics to estimate the frequency of extraterrestrial life (and derive a fairly inconclusive result). Continue reading

Astrostatistics: How to fit a model to data

Why does the fit above look so crappy? Probably because of those pesky outliers! But before you get rid of them, see what David Hogg has to say about alternative methods of fitting models which are not only more robust, but may change your mind about every fit you do from now on. Continue reading

A black hole and a neutron star walk into a gravitationally bound system…

What will happen if Cygnus X-1 evolves to become a system of two massive, compact objects (and will we ever find out)? Continue reading

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