Susanna Kohler

I received my BS in physics from University of California at Santa Barbara in 2008 and my PhD in astrophysics from University of Colorado Boulder in 2014. My dissertation work focused on studying and modeling the extremely energetic outflows from active black holes at galactic centers.
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Getting Out of a Research Slump

Odds are, if you’re doing research, you’ve experienced a research slump. The bad news is that this is fairly unavoidable: it happens to everyone. The good news is that there are tricks you can try to help get yourself out of the slump and become more productive and efficient. Read on to find out more! Continue reading


Photographers, get ready for the 2017 solar eclipse!

The 2017 solar eclipse will provide a unique opportunity to launch some exciting citizen science. This white paper describes how! Continue reading

Buoyancy in Action

Ever wonder how sunspots are formed? This paper takes a close look at how the magnetic structures that give rise to sunspots make it all the way from the deep solar interior to its surface. Continue reading

Can Neutrons Become Cubes?

What happens to neutrons in the extreme environment found in a neutron star? According to these authors, they could deform to become cubes! Continue reading

Calling all undergraduate research!

We post about the most recent research in astrophysics — but in doing so, we rarely get to feature any work done by undergrads. Here’s your chance to help us fix this! Continue reading

SS433: The Extragalactic Version?

The recent discovery of a radio transient in the nucleus of the galaxy M82 has left scientists guessing as to what it might be. In this paper the authors examine the possibility that it’s a microquasar just like SS433 — but located outside of our galaxy! Continue reading

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