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Links: Astro Perception Survey, Applying to Grad School

A new survey investigates social perceptions of astronomy and our sister site Chembites has an article about the grad school application process. Continue reading


Astrobites reader survey

You can help us improve astrobites by filling out our short survey!  It should only take a few minutes and we’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks, The Astrobites team

Kepler Team Announces Planet in a Binary Star System

Kepler has discovered a real-life version of Tatooine! The newly minted planet, dubbed Kepler-16b, orbits both stars on a 229 day orbit and is roughly the same size as Saturn. Continue reading

Tell us about your undergraduate research!

Are you an undergraduate student doing research in astronomy? We want to know about it! Continue reading

Calling all undergraduate research!

We post about the most recent research in astrophysics — but in doing so, we rarely get to feature any work done by undergrads. Here’s your chance to help us fix this! Continue reading

Saturn’s Great White Spot

In the most recent issue of Nature, two articles were published about Saturn’s most recent Great White Spot; these features are huge storms on Saturn which occur once every 30 years or so (a year on Saturn is 29.5 Earth years).  This storm appeared in mid-December, a bit ahead of schedule. Since there are already … Continue reading

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